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This painting which was named by Marty’s Mother Jacqueline, was inspired while diving in Cozumel Mexico on a reef that the locals call “ The Gardens”. “I went out with the intentions of feeding some different fish species and capturing some beautiful photos. I was at a depth of 70 feet when I came upon a school of what appeared to be 5, 60Ibs, Black Grouper. I began to feed them fish cuttings from my bag and as I continued to feed them I noticed a small Nassau Grouper hanging out over my left shoulder. He was trying to stay away from the business end of the school of large black grouper in front of me, which could’ve easily eaten him. As I was feeding the blacks I would turn and break off a small piece of fresh fish and just flip it up over my shoulder to the Nassau and he would vacuum feed it right up. Then I would continue to feed the blacks and every once in while turning to give him his share just staring at him in amazement wondering if he thought he was as big as the others because he remained there without fear as long as I was sharing the food with him, as if he was posing for me for his portrait” Marty Wilsons Big Mo is one of Marty’s most famous fish being printed on t shirts and as part of a mural on the Reef Restaurant which is the largest piece of free standing art in the state of Mississippi.


This image is offered as giclee on canvas in a 200 edition signed and numbered by the artist at 1440 x 2880 DPI, printed with ultra chrome inks.

Giclee Canvas Small        20" Height  x  22" Width

Giclee Canvas Medium     27" Height  x  29" Width

Giclee Canvas Large        40 Height x 42 Width

Also it’s offered as limited edition lithograph with a signed and numbered edition of 650.

  Paper Print Lithograph      Paper size  18" Height  x  19" Width