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" Last tango" Well by looking at this painting you can obviously tell it is one of those been there done that stories. This depiction is at a typical oil rig setting with three Spades on a jelly at the surface and some Hard Tails getting out of the way for big boy to eat and some Red Heads below. It's called the last tango because you can see the bubble trail of where the eel has landed in the water then did the snake dance in front of the Cobia as they always do. So you think that's his last tango right? Hes lunch...But if you look closer at it you will see he has a seven ought short shank live bait a hook in his neck 

with a snell knot... like you like it. So really… Who's last tango is it?….And everyone knows it takes two to tango!!!

 This image is offered in 3 sizes of giclee on canvas in a 200 edition signed and numbered by the artist at 1440 x 2880 DPI, printed with ultra chrome inks.


Giclee Canvas Small     16" Height  x  24" Width

Giclee Canvas Medium     24" Height  x  36" Width

Giclee Canvas Large     " Height  x  " Width