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Night Lion This painting was inspired by one of the many night dives Marty did off a reef out from the amazing Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. “I was messing around with a spiny lobster that I saw with just his antenna sticking out of a hole just under the ledge of a coral head. I was trying to coax him out enough to shine a flashlight on him and get his photograph at the same time. For those of you who have been night diving, you know to always keep your head on a swivel, which pretty much scares you more than anything because you wonder the whole time what's behind you. I mean, it's a big ocean and there are some pretty big things out there. I turned around to shine my flashlight and boom; there he was! All lit up, both peck fins out with a spread about a foot in length and all puffed up as if to make him self larger. He stopped as if he knew I was going to take a picture! This was a very memorable event, because at that time, this species, which is native to the South China sea, was not supposed to be on a Bohemian Reef. That night I awoke in awe of the event and quickly started sketching this out of place, beauty of the sea.” Marty Wilson      

Since then, Marty has learned that the Lionfish species has become invasive in the Gulf Of Mexico, It endangers over 200 other species of fish, which will eventually cause them to become extinct. With Marty’s foundation One Gulf One Goal, he has organized a spear fishing tournament for the year 2017 in hopes to help eliminate or at least control this invasive species, which is a necessity in saving the remaining reef fish populations in the Gulf of Mexico. 

This image is offered in 3 sizes of giclee on canvas in a 200 edition signed and numbered by the artist at 1440 x 2880 DPI, printed with ultra chrome inks.


Giclee Canvas Small        22" Height  x  25" Width

Giclee Canvas Medium     32" Height  x  40" Width

Giclee Canvas Large       40" Height  x  52" Width